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Each Movie Trailer Submission costs
$2.00 through Paypal.
Once PAID, the Registration Page
appears so that you can Register.

Your Movie Trailer Submission does
NOT provide unique privileges to it:
Others may submit the same Movie Trailer.

All Contests Re-Start on the 1st of
each month and end on the last day
of each month. However, for those
who enter on or after the 25th,
as long as you bring in a
2nd Contestant with you, called a
"Sponsored Contestant", we extend
both your Entry and your
Sponsored Contestant's Entry
through the last day
of the next month.

Contestants in Multiple Genres
(Categories), who compete in
10 Contests at a time, receive their
11th, 22nd, 33rd, 44th Contests
NOTE: If you have competed in
10, 21, 32, or 44 Contests or more,
please bring this to our attention
so that we can award you accordingly.
Send us an email at:
and list ALL Contests competed in
so that we can check them.

The WINNER for each Contest is
the person who submitted
the Movie Trailer that received
the Most Votes For The Month.

Each Vote Received By
The Winner is worth $1.00!
100 Votes = $100.00
1000 Votes = $1000.00
10,000 Votes = $10,000.00!


The cost to play (submit a Movie Trailer) is $2.00 ---
The cost to vote for a Movie Trailer is $0.00 (Free) ...
Yet because the Winner hopes to receive $1.00 per vote, who and what pays for those votes?
Answer: Movie Trailer submissions! (Each $2.00 submitted Movie Trailer contributes $1.00, if needed,
to pay for the Winner's accumulated Votes. This also includes the cost of other people submitting
other entries in the same Movie Trailer Contest. Consequently, There must be enough other entries to
cover the cost of paying for The Winner's Votes. Paying the Winner for the number of Votes he or she
receives must be commensurate with the number of other participants (people who have paid $2.00 to
submit OTHER movie trailers in the same Movie Trailer Contest)).

If there are only three Movie Trailer Submissions in a Contest, yet The Winner of those three videos
has gathered 100 Votes, we have a problem! Each Vote for The Winner must be backed by a Movie Trailer
submission: else The Winner cannot collect for that Vote. In this example i.e., $3.00 does not finance
100 votes; $3.00 does not cover the $100.00 that the Winner is supposed to Win ...

In the future, may be sponsored through advertisers, but our website is new,
and for now, we can only succeed by either charging people to Vote, or, by making Winners Payouts
proportional and commensurate with the number of Movie Trailer Submissions. The latter is the current method.

A Winner wins $1.00 per Vote, in this case $100.00, ONLY if there is an equal amount of Movie Trailer
Submissions --- for our example at least 100 other Movie Trailers that have been submitted.

The injunction isn't to just go out and gather as many Votes as you can. Votes without Movie Trailer
Submissions to cover the Votes are wasted Votes! If you should Win, they won't make the money for you.
If you want to make some big money doing this, you need to become a sales person for your cause.
You'll need to explain to friends, family, and others the situation. Tell your friends that if you win,
you might not get paid for their Vote unless they, too, submit a Movie Trailer. It's fun, inexpensive,
and they can vote for themselves as well as vote for you. They can pursue their own voting constituents
and perhaps win the Contest themselves.

Personal ADs!

Each Contestant places a free Face Pic of themselves. Below this Face Pic is about 650px of height but only 250px of width of empty space. For $2.00 more ($4.00 total includes your Movie Trailer Submission / extra large height costs $5.00 which includes your Movie Trailer Submission) you can Advertise just about anything you want in this empty space next to your IMDB pic. Send us your advertisement and we'll decide on it, and if approved, we'll send you the Paypal link to pay for your AD. (The Personal AD Paypal link is not on the site; you must approach us with your idea first before submitting it.)

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