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ADVERTISERS opt to "Sponsor" Money Giveaways in either of two ways, or both.

The first type (is an 'appetizer') ---

A "Vote Sponsor",
puts up at least $20.00 (hopefully $100.00 or more) to be Won by the person who submitted the Video that receives the Most Votes.

A Vote Sponsor's AD is very affordable at only an additional $20.00 for a total Ad Price i.e. of $20.00 + $20.00 = $40.00. This is traditional click-thru advertising, the kind you find on Google, etc., but has No Guarantee of success.

The second type (the 'meat and potatoes') ---

A "ShareADs 50% Reciprocal SPIN Advertiser",
is where Our Advertiser teams up with and we conduct a Spin Round-Robin in which every $5.00 Purchase You Make With That Advertiser creates a Spin, the purpose of which is for You the Customer to NOT be eliminated from that Advertiser's Spin Contest - with only 1 person eventually remaining on their Final Spin Board. THAT 1 remaining person Wins 50% of whatever Our ShareADs 50% Reciprocal SPIN Advertiser deposited into his Money Giveaway Contest. If $10,000.00 - YOU WIN $5,000.00! If $100,000.00 - YOU WIN $50,000.00!

With A ShareADs 50% Reciprocal SPIN Contest, a ShareADs Advertiser "Ad-Invests" anywhere from $100.00 to $1,000.00, $10,000.00, $50,000.00, $100,000.00, a $MILLION DOLLARS, whatever. Each business decides for itself how much to "Advertise-Invest" - with the low minimum of $100.00 making "Investment-Advertisements" affordable for almost any business to try. Furthermore, with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee plus 10% above that or the "Investment-Advertisement" remains free (continues indefinitely) --- a business has nothing to lose!

The goal of a business in becoming a ShareADs 50% Reciprocal SPIN Advertiser is to make it WORTH YOUR WHILE, YOU THE CONSUMER'S WHILE, to purchase from his business - and not purchase from someone else's similar business. The goal is to make it worth your while that his business stands out to you!

And what does he offer you that makes it worth your while? That makes his business stand out for you?

For every $5.00 purchase you make with his business (whether online, or in his store, office, wherever), you his Customer receive 1 SPIN ON THAT BUSINESS's SPINNING WHEEL.

(Examples: If you The Customer spend only $5.00 at his Business, you receive only 1 Spin. If another Customer however spends $500.00, that Customer receives 100 Spins! [NOTE: The Spins you receive depend on the money you spend up front, a downpayment, for example - NOT on what you finance or stagger over months or years, such as if you finance a car on time, or a home on time, etc. Again, with big sales like that, you only receive $5.00 Increment Spins on the CASH you pay up front.])

        What's WORTH RUNNING FOR?

For example. If a business deposits into's bank account the minimum $100.00, the person who remains in their Spin Contest after numerous spins - "SHARES" 50% of whatever they deposited into our bank account (our Gross from that Company) or $50.00. If The Advertiser deposits (pays) $10,000.00, the person whose name is last on their Final Spin Board for that Advertisement - wins $5000.00! And if The Advertiser is big and rich and "Advertisement-Invests" something BIG that really makes it worth several million people purchasing from their grocery store, department store, or other type of business, for example $2 Million Dollars - if you are the last person remaining on its Final Spin Board --- you win $1 MILLION DOLLARS!

The more an Advertiser puts into HIS ShareADs 50% Reciprocal Spin For Money Giveaway, the more Purchases he invites, and the more money you, our Customer and His Customer, can SPIN TO WIN! You get 1 Spin for every $5.00 Purchase you make with each Spin Advertiser.

The more you purchase the more Spins you receive and the better your chances of ending up as the remaining person on that Final Spin Board and The Winner of that 50% of Whatever that The Advertiser Put Up! You can Spin To Win with as many Advertisers that are available and in whom you Purchase at least $5.00 from.

Furthermore, as added incentive for businesses to "Advertise-Invest" into a ShareADs 50% Reciprocal Spin For Money Giveaway, GUARANTEES each 50% ShareADs Reciprocal Spin Advertiser that not only will they make their initial "Advertisement-Investment" ("Ad-Investment") back --- but 10% above that!

THIS GUARANTEE MAKES IT A WIN-WIN-WIN SITUATION IN WHICH IT IS WORTH A BUSINESS INVESTING A LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY TO BE GIVEN AWAY! They WIN by tens of thousands of people who might not be customers becoming customers of their's and PURCHASING AT LEAST $5.00 FROM THEM; we WIN by earning a hefty 50% Charge on whatever they "Advertise-Invest" into their Huge Money Giveaway; and you, their customer and our customer, WIN, or at least one of you WILL WIN - 50% OF WHATEVER THAT HUGE MONEY GIVEAWAY IS!!!

It becomes worth it to all three of us to make sure that that Money Giveaway - "Their Advertisement-Investment" -

FREE to Enter! FREE to Play! FREE to Vote!

But to SPIN to try to win 50% of our Profits,
requires a $5.00 purchase with one of our
ShareADs 50% SPIN Advertisers!

NOTE: ShareADs 50% Reciprocal (or Spin) Advertisers are found at the bottom of your Entry, Edit, and Advertisements Page. You must register and login to participate in a 50% SPIN Contest. You don't have to enter a Movie or Other Video, (unless you want to - and it is better when you do submit an entry) BUT YOU MUST REGISTER AND LOGIN TO ANY CONTEST YOU WISH TO PURCHASE & PARTICIPATE IN A 50% SPIN CONTEST. THESE SPIN CONTESTS ARE NOT DONE ON THE VIEWALL PAGES. NOR ARE THEY DONE ON THE TOP 10 PAGES. SPIN CONTESTS ARE ONLY RUN ON ENTRY, EDIT, AND ADVERTISEMENT PAGES! YOU MUST REGISTER & LOGIN TO REACH THESE PAGES. Click on any brown and white Register Here Button below to get started ...

All Contests run until Management decides to either end the Contest after a minimum of 30 days, or extend the Contest for an additional month, or even for several months.

Advertisers pay only their initial "Advertisement Investment" (of whatever they choose for it to be, but the minimum is at least $100.00): they do not pay month by month or any other type of fee. Contestant Videos remain untouched as long as they abide visual and audio rules for each Video Contest. In either case, the Contest may run for 1 month or for several months.

With Voting Sponsorships, The WINNER for each Contest is the person who submitted the Movie Trailer / or Other Video that receives The Most Votes.

Because Voting on the Internet is very easy to rig, and extremely difficult to monitor, we're not going to try. If you want to use a VPN to vote for yourself according to how many IPs your VPN has, go for it. You're only allowed 1 Vote per IP however.

If you WIN (by receiving the most votes - however you accumulated them), you receive the total monies put up by however many Advertisers Sponsored Voting Funds into the Contest you entered. Although 50% Spin Advertisers are run business by business, in other words if you win one you do not win another; with Voting Funds, if you receive the Most Votes, you Win every Voting Fund Advertiser's Money Giveaway - the total monies for that Movie or Other Video Category.

Video Contests do not require both Sponsorships to be Active. Either Sponsorship Activates a Contest where we list it on this Start Page as "Active".

IF you WIN a ShareADs 50% Spin Contest, you need receipts proving your purchases! If you do not have a $5.00 receipt for EACH SPIN you received, you forfeit your Win. You MUST keep your receipts!

Spins are usually conducted by Management, and you the customer are only allowed to watch these Spin Events.


you must Register for each individual contest.
It is FREE to Register / FREE to Submit a Movie Trailer,
Music Video, TV Commercial, Miscellaneous Video, Dating Video, etc.
If you wish to submit several Movie Trailers, Music Videos, Dating Videos, etc.
even for the same contest, you must Register anew for each submission.


To VOTE is also FREE. Simply click on any Contest's Viewall
(found below) and Vote for a Movie Video, Dating Video, whatever.

ALL Advertisers and Anyone Really Interested In Winning
A 50% Reciprocal SPIN Contest, should study this


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Hey! We look just like them!

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They call us The Best of The Best!

Dating Millionaires !
Who wants to marry a millionaire!

Dating Half Millionaires !
We're not far from rich here!

Dating $100,000 Per Year !
You can be comfortable with us!

Dating $50,000 Per Year !
Don't worry. We'll make it!

Dating Business Owners !
The business is marriage!

Dating Doctors !
Let's play doctor!

Dating Nurses !
We'll nurse you back to health here!

Dating Dentists !
We're mouth men here!

Dating Scientists !
Investigate the science of love here!

Dating Engineers !
We build marriage bridges here!

Dating Attorneys !
Marry legal here!

Dating Computer Techies !
We want to get into your computer!

Dating Athletes !
We'll play ball with you!

Dating Military !
Find a Military Man here!

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Dating Dog Lovers !

Dating Cat Lovers !

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